Maintenance of metallic effect powder coating

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How to maintain metallic effect powder coating

Metallic effects arise through light reflection, absorption and mirror effect of the metallic effect pigments contained in the paint. These metallic powders can be used in both exterior and interior environments.

The cleanability and suitability of the powder,for an environment or end use, starts with the colour selection process.

In certain instances the powder manufacturer may propose the application of a suitable clear topcoat.The cleaning of metallic effect powder coated surfaces is in general more difficult than for solid-colour coatings.

Furthermore the cleanability and chemical resistance depend upon several factors, e.g.
• Composition of the powder coating
• Type and concentration of the cleaning medium or chemicals
• Type and condition of soiling

Frequency Of Cleanin

The frequency of such cleaning will depend on many factors including:

  • Is the coating interior or exterio
  • The geographical location
  • The surrounding environment,i.e.,marine,swimming pool,industrial,or a combination of these environments etc
  • Levels of atmospheric pollutio
  • Prevailing win
  • Protection or screening i.e.other buildings in a block, trees. noise screen
  • Possibility of airborne debris settling and/or causing erosive wear of the coating
  • If the environmental circumstances change during the lifetime of the coating (e.g., rural becomes industrial, office to factory).

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