Thermoplastic Polyethylene PE Powder Coating

FHTH® Polyethylene PE powder coating ( cooperative supplier PECOAT®) is a kind of thermoplastic powder coating. It is produced with high-pressure polyethylene (LDPE) as the base material, adding a variety of functional additives and color pigments. The coating layer has excellent chemical resistance, anti-aging, impact resistance, bending resistance, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, and good surface decoration properties.
Polyethylene PE powder coating


  • Excellent acid and alkali resistance, chemical resistance
  • Good heat insulation and electrical insulation
  • Excellent flexibility and impact resistance
  • Good low temperature resistance, no cracking with 400hrs under -30℃,suitable in severe cold environments.
  • Non-toxic, comply with requirements of environmental protection.


Refrigerator grids shelf, bicycle basket, stroller, toys, locks, tools, and garden furniture, indoor basket,etc.

Using Process

  1. Preheat the work piece up to: 300-400℃
  2. Then dip work piece into fluidized bed for: 2-3 seconds.
  3. Put into oven to heat for: 2-5minutes with 200-220℃

The process temperatures used should only be the minimum to achieve an acceptable surface finish. Overheating
may cause the coating to discolour later in storage or in service.

Powder Properties

  • Specific Gravity: 0.9-0.92 g/m3,
  • Nonvolatile matter: ≥99.5%
  • Melt index: 10-50g/10min ,
  • Particle size: <300μm
  • Packing: 25kg/bag

Coating Properties

  • Coating thickness: 200μm- 1200μm
  • Appearance: Smooth moderately Glossy
  • Hardness: 44-80
  • Anti-impack/ > 490
  • Chemical resistance: Excellent


  • Suitable substrate is Iron,Steel,Copper.
  • Aluminum, zinc, galvanized,lead are not applicable.

For more information about Polyethylene PE powder coating, please contact us.

FAQ - Polyethylene Powder

How can i get a quote ?

We usually design formula according to customers’ product. So in order to provide you with accurate prices, the following information is necessary.

  • What product do you coat? It is better to send us a picture.
  • Are they for outdoor use or indoor use?

What is the MOQ ?

  • For formal order, the moq is 1000kg, shipping by sea.
  • For sample testing, 1-25kg, shipping by air.

What is the packaging method?

25kg/bag, 1ton/pallet, 10-12.5ton/20ft container, 22.5ton/40ft container

What is the delivery time?

2-7 days after receipt of deposit according to the order quantity.

FAQ - Fluided Bed System, Dipping Tank

What information should I provide if i want a quote?

The equipment is made-to-order, the following information is necessary if you want to get a quote.

For only dipping tank (fluided bed):

  1. The max dimension size of the work-piece which you coat

For full set of automatic dipping line( pre-heat oven + dip tank + post-heat oven + conveyer track)

  1. The max dimension size of the work-piece which you coat .
  2. The daily output(one day=8hours,one month=30days)
  3. Heating source type: electric, gas or diesel
  4. The size of your workshop(length, width and height)

What is the service of after-sale ?

  • If there is any problem or failure in use,we are able to assist remotely through the computer network.
  • we provide a list of consumables to assist customers in establishing a comprehensive maintenance system.
  • our engineers are at your service any time.

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