What are spray painting and powder coating?

What are spray painting and powder coating

Spray painting, including electrostatic spraying, is a process of applying liquid paint to an object under pressure. Sprayg Painting can be done manually or automatically. There are several methods for atomizing paint spraying:

  • Using a conventional air compressor – air under pressure through the mouth of a small outlet, draws the liquid paint from the container and creates a mist of air paint from the nozzle of the spray gun
  • Airless spray – the paint container is pressurized, pushing the paint toward the nozzle, atomized by the spray gun, or
  • Electrostatic Spray – An electric pump sprays electrostatically charged liquid paint from a nozzle and applies it to a grounded object.

Powder coating is the process of applying electrostatically charged powder coating powder to a grounded object.

Spray Painting and powder coating are performed in a variety of industries. For example, items commonly sprayed include motor vehicles, buildings, furniture, white goods, boats,
Ships, aircraft and machinery.

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