What is Electrostatic Painting Process

Electrostatic Painting Process

Electrostatic painting is a process in which a spray gun tip is electrostatically charged; making the paint charged electrically; thereby allowing the paint to be attracted to a grounded surface. This process wastes almost no paint through normal air flow, wind, or dripping. This is because the paint particles are actually attracted to the surface you are painting like a magnet. However, in order for the process to work the object you are painting has to be grounded.

Electrostatic spraying assures an even coat with minimal effort. It can even make spraying cylindrical objects like poles a breeze. Once a portion of the surface has been coated then the paint is no longer attracted to that particular area. Thus, uneven layers and drips are eliminated.

There is almost no limit to what you can paint with an electrostatic spray gun. Even objects that cannot normally be grounded (such as wood) can be sprayed electrostatically. You can put the object you need to spray in between the spray gun and a grounded object or you can prime the nongrounded object with a conductive primer.

The Advantages of Electrostatic Painting:

  • Excellent finish quality
  • High resistance to mechanical damage
  • High resistance to UV radiation
  • Controlled, industrial process
  • Not affected by the weather, uniform paint depth applied in a closed environment
  • Excellent adhesion of the paint to the galvanized surface
  • Application of a single layer with a depth of up to 80 micron
  • Can be used and assembled immediately after painting without any need for drying time

Painting Process:

  1. Inspection on receipt
  2. Tying
  3. Removal of marks
  4. Passivation
  5. Washing with water
  6. Drying in the oven
  7. Automatic painting using powder
  8. Oven curing
  9. Removal from the oven and packaging

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  1. Dear Sirs,
    We want to paint metallic base coat on alum profile, then Acyclic colour top coat on top, is electrostatic spray gun can do the job without over spray, drips…etc.

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