Powder Coating Service That We supply

Powder Production
  • Custom-made according to customers requirement and color specification.
  • Production according to our own color specification.

powder coating production process

  1. Semi-automatic weighing of the components-solid resins, hardeners, additives and pigments.
  2. Premixing of raw materials
  3. Extrusion
  4. The extruded material is cooled by chill rolls and a cooling conveyor and is then coarsely milled
  5. The product is ground and unwanted fines are separated
  6. Protective sieving
  7. Filling the container ready for sale
Color Matching

You send your color swatch to us, we reproduce the color accurately , and send counter-sample to you for testing.

Technical Support

Our fully equipped laboratory and expert support team can help you with multiple technical issues such as troubleshooting, testing, research, audits, equipment and defect analysis.Our technical team has an expansive knowledge of the entire powder coating process and offer any advice necessary in your powder coating process.

OEM Service

Distributors and agents with OEM are warmly welcomed, we supply a series of favorable policy to support our sincere partners, please feel free to contact us for qualification if you are interested in it.

Color Swatch Customization

We have color list, from which you can choose, to make your own color brochure with your own brand. This is useful especially for distributors or traders.powder coating color swatch

For other powder coating service,please contact us.

COLOR CATALOGpowder coating color catalog