Heating Radiator Powder Coatings

Heating Radiator Powder Coatings

FHRA® Heating Radiator Powder Coatings are special for different kinds of heat radiating devices, radiators. It offers beautiful, glossy and well-stacked metal surface, with good anti-corrosion property.


FHRA® can meet common requirements, and it specially designed to meet high gloss and well-stacked requirements of heat radiators with different substrates such as: steel, aluminum, copper metals, coping with the appearance problems caused by impact aluminum substrate.


  • Color: up to user`s requirements
  • Gravity: 1.2-1.7-g/cm3.
  • Gloss: usually >90°
  • Storage: 12months, under 30℃ and in dry warehouse.
  • Use method: spraying by high voltage electrostatic spraying gun
  • Thickness of layer: 80-110μm, thickness of coat layer will slightly effect color and appearance
  • ’Curing conditions: 190℃/15min (up to actual kind of metal parts)
Heating Radiator Powder Coatings
FHRA® Heating Radiator Powder Coatings- High powder coverage rate, Excellent powder transfer efficiency on the edge corners
Heating Radiator Powder Coatings 2
Anti-yellowing during baking,High smooth gloss, Good adhesion, impact 50kg. Excellent leveling property ,High decoration and good anti-corrosion and mechanical performance