Antistatic powder coatings

 Antistatic powder coatings

Our FHAS® Series Antistatic powder coatings are functional coatings used on surfaces in order to reduce or eliminate buildup of electrostatic charge. The cured surface is conductive in the range of kilovolts, at low voltages (< 1 KV) it acts as an insulator.


  • Chemistry :Epoxy Polyester
  • Surface:Smooth Gloss/Texture
  • Use: For the place where antistatic is required
  • Application gun: Electrostatic corona gun
  • Curing schedule: 15 minutes @ 180℃ (metal temperature)
  • Coating thickness :60 -80 um recommended


  • Specific gravity: 1.2-1.8g/cm3 up to colors
  • Adhesion (ISO2409) :GT=0
  • Pencil hardness(ASTM D3363 ): H
  • Coverage(@60μm) :9-12㎡/kg
  • Direct impact (ASTM D2794): @ 60-70μm
  • Salt spray Resistance( ASTM B17, 500hrs):
    (Maximum undercutting ,1 mm ) No blistering or loss of adhesion
  • Curing schedule: 160℃-180℃/10-15minutes; 200℃/5-10minutes
  • Humidity Resistance (ASTM D2247,1000 hrs) :No blistering or loss of adhesion
  • Test of Electric resistance(on the condition of over 100V): 1.5×106Ω


Dry ,cool conditions with good ventilation at a temperature < 30℃,not exceeding 8 months.
Any leftover powder should be kept in an appropriate area that is cool and dry.
Do not expose to the air too long as the powder properties may deteriorate with the moisture.

Antistatic powder coatings