The First Letter To Customer

Dear valued customer,

Thank you so much for your inquiry, hope to cooperate with you.

For the begining, please look through the following information, which may be hepful for your understanding to our product and our service.


The price vary with the colors and using environment. In order to offer price for you, please supply the following information.

  1. What colors are you interested in ? You can refer to our color catalog:
  2. What product will you coat? Are they for interior use or exterior use ?

Color Matching

If you have a special color, and /or if they are the existing colors that you are using in your production, we suggest that you send its color swatches to us, small pieces (approximate.15cm*15cm) of coated metal sheets are workable, some powders are best. From your samples, we can know everything, including the gloss, the accurate color hue, texture, etc. These would be very helpful for us to color-matching accurately.

Sample Testing

We are glad to supply 1-2kg powder to you for testing, but it would be highly appreciated if you can pay for the transport charge.

Minimum Order Quantity

As we are producer and produce according to customers’ requirement, our minimum order quantity requirement is 200kg per color, at least total 800-1000kg, shipping by sea.

Thanks and Best regards.