Easy Clean Powder Coating

Easy Clean Powder Coating


Our FHEC® series Easy Clean Powder Coating is a high performance powder coating, which ensures easy cleaning and provides outstanding permanent protection. Graffiti sprayed can be effectively removed, repeatedly, without sacrificing coating appearance, durability or weathering, it has good anti-graffiti property.

FHEC® is used in a wide range of industries including street furniture, roller doors and public transport.


• Excellent physical properties
• Outstanding chemical resistance
• Weather and corrosion resistance
• One coat application


• Infrastructure for public transport
• Trains, metro, subway, trams (seats, window frames,ceilings etc.)
• Recreational equipment
• Electrical cabinets
• Roller doors
• Lockers
• Public furniture
• White boards (dry erase boards)

Easy Clean Powder Coating, Anti-graffiti Powder Coating