Application of Zirconium Phosphate in Coatings

Application of Zirconium Phosphate in Coatings

Application of Zirconium Phosphate in Coatings

Due to its special properties, zirconium hydrogen phosphate can be added to resins, PP, PE, PVC, ABS, PET, PI, nylon, plastics, adhesives, coatings, paints, inks, epoxy resins, fibers, fine ceramics and other materials. High temperature resistance, flame retardant, anti-corrosion, scratch resistance, increased toughness and tensile strength of reinforced materials.

Mainly have the following advantages:

  1.  Enhance mechanical strength, toughness and tensile strength
  2. Can be used at high temperature to enhance flame retardancy
  3. Good plasticizing ability
  4.  Enhance wear resistance
  5.  anti-oxidation, durability is very good
  6. Good compatibility with synthetic resin
  7. Good sterilization effect
  8. Recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Application of zirconium phosphate in coatings:

The use of zirconium phosphate in resin products such as coatings and paints can effectively enhance the product’s high temperature resistance and flame retardancy, improve mechanical strength such as tensile strength, structural stability, and scratch resistance, as well as enhance corrosion resistance and promote proton conductivity.

Application of zirconium phosphate in ink:

The addition of zirconium phosphate to the ink: increase the viscosity of the ink, and the zirconium phosphate has oxidation resistance, acid and alkali resistance, increase the corrosion resistance of the ink, and anti-friction, improve the curing speed of the ink, increase the tinting strength of the ink, and remove the ink. odor, reduce VOC, etc.

Application of zirconium phosphate in pretreatment:

1. Features:

Zirconium phosphate has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high strength, good chemical stability, corrosion resistance and environmental protection;

2. Application advantages:

Zirconium phosphate can be used as a surface treatment additive for aluminum and its alloys to replace chromate. Compared to chromate, zirconium phosphate is more environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly, and it also has other advantages: no heating, no activation or post-treatment, less water consumption, better adhesion and corrosion resistance of the lamellar structure ability.

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