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How to Wipe Out Orange Peel During Electrostatic Powder Painting

powder coating powder paint Orange Peel

Achieving the right amount of electrostatic powder paint on the part is very important for durability reasons as well as eliminating orange peel. If you spray too little powder on the part, you will most likely end up with a grainy texture to the powder also known as “tight orange peel.” This is because there was not enough powder on the part for it to flow-out and create a uniform coating. Besides the poor aesthetics of this, the part willRead More …

What is Electrostatic Painting Process

Electrostatic Painting Process

Electrostatic painting is a process in which a spray gun tip is electrostatically charged; making the paint charged electrically; thereby allowing the paint to be attracted to a grounded surface. This process wastes almost no paint through normal air flow, wind, or dripping. This is because the paint particles are actually attracted to the surface you are painting like a magnet. However, in order for the process to work the object you are painting has to be grounded. Electrostatic sprayingRead More …

The Use of Chameleon paint in construction industry

Chameleon paint

Introduction to Chameleon paint Chameleon paint is a kind of a special paint with other substances to produce color changes. General categories: temperature change and ultraviolet light discoloration of paint paint, different angles, natural light color changing paint (Chameleon). Temperature variation inside the paint containing heating may cause chemical reactions and colour-changing microcapsules, UV color-microcapsules containing color photographic encounters ultraviolet colors inspired the show colors. Forming principle Chameleon paint is the core technology of new Nano car paint. Nano titaniumRead More …