All Equipment for Powder Manufacture and Application and Coating Test

Equipment For Powder Manufacture

-Mixing machine (Pre-mixing of raw material)
-Extruder ( mixing of melted raw materials)
-Crusher (Cooling and crushing the extruder’s output)
-Grinder (Grinding, classifying, and controlling of the particles)
-Vibration Sifting machine
-Package machine

Equipment For Powder Manufacture
Equipment For Powder Manufacture

Equipment for Powder Application

Process : Pre-treatment – drying to remove water – spraying – Check – baking – check – Finished

  • Sandblasting machine
  • Pre-treatment equipment
  • Conveyer line
  • Powder suppling machine
  • Electrostatic spraying line (Fluidized Bed.corona spraying gun,tribo gun )
  • Convection curing oven
  • Powder recovery system
  • Sifting system
  • Packing machine
Equipment for powder application
Powder Coating Application Line

Equipment for Powder Coatings Testing

  • Impact tester
  • Ageing-resistant machine
  • Color Testing instrument
  • Thickness meter
  • Adhesion tester
  • Cylindrical Mandrel tester
  • Hardness tester
  • Gloss meter
  • Bending tester

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