Necessary laboratory equipment for testing powder coating in application


Equipment necessary for testing the pre-treatment chemicals, rinsing water and final results

  • Tests of pre-treatment chemicals to be performed according to suppliers’ instructions
  • Conductivity measurement gauge for evaluation of final rinse
  • Temperature recorder
  • Coating weight equipment, DIN 50939 or equal

Equipment necessary for testing the powder coating

  • Film thickness gauge suitable for use on aluminum (e.g. ISO 2360, DIN 50984)
  • Cross hatch equipment, DIN-EN ISO 2409 – 2mm
  • Bending test equipment, DIN-EN ISO 1519
  • Indentation test equipment, DIN-EN ISO 2815
  • Impact test equipment, ASTM D 2794 (5/8”ball) or ECCA T5 (1985)
  • Erichsen Cupping test equipment, DIN-EN ISO 1520
  • Gloss measurement equipment, DIN 67530, ISO 2813 (using a 60 head)
  • Equipment for boiling water test
  • Temperature recorder
  • Equipment for test of curing (MEK-test)

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