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Powder coating line matters MDF powder coating

Powder coating line matters MDF powder coating

Powder coating line have proven to be the most important factor in obtaining high quality MDF powder coatings. Unfortunately for small metal surface powder coating companies, it is not possible to get high quality MDF powder coatings in old metal powder coating lines The most important part of the powder coating line is the oven technology oven paint melting. In case of thermal curing powder chemical curing. The thing to keep in mind is the low thermal conductivity of MDF.Read More …

How To Maintain The Spray Equipment

powder coating application equipment

You should ensure that the plant and spray equipment used in spray painting or powder coating activities is well maintained, operational and clean. This includes: regular visual checks of equipment and plant, including engineering controls and ventilation systems regular monitoring and testing of ventilation flow rates regular servicing of all equipment and plant procedures for reporting and repairing faulty equipment records of servicing, maintenance, repair and testing of plant and equipment should be kept for future reference. When undertaking maintenanceRead More …

All Equipment for Powder Manufacture and Application and Coating Test

Equipment For Powder Manufacture -Mixing machine (Pre-mixing of raw material)-Extruder ( mixing of melted raw materials)-Crusher (Cooling and crushing the extruder’s output)-Grinder (Grinding, classifying, and controlling of the particles)-Vibration Sifting machine-Package machine Equipment for Powder Application Process : Pre-treatment – drying to remove water – spraying – Check – baking – check – Finished Sandblasting machine Pre-treatment equipment Conveyer line Powder suppling machine Electrostatic spraying line (Fluidized Bed.corona spraying gun,tribo gun ) Convection curing oven Powder recovery system Sifting system Packing machine Equipment for Powder Coatings Testing Impact tester Ageing-resistant machine Color Testing instrument Thickness meter Adhesion tester Cylindrical Mandrel tester Hardness tester Gloss meter Bending tester

Configuration of Powder Coating Application Equipment

powder coating application equipment

There are many ways to apply powder coating materials;and there are several powder coating application equipment for option. However, the material that is to be applied must be of a compatible type. For instance, if the method of application is fluidized bed. then the powder coating material must be a fluidized bed grade, Conversely, if the method of application is electrostatic spray, then the powder material must be an electrostatic spray grade. Once the material is correctly selected, then theRead More …

What is Powder Coating Line

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Powder Coating Line – Powder coat line – Powder spray both – Spraying gun – Curing oven Spraying both A powder booth is an enclosure that is designed to contain the powder application process. A recovery system is attached to the powder booth shell. The recovery system uses a fan to pull air into the booth and prevent the oversprayed powder from migrating out of the enclosure. Spraying gun The spray gun is designed to impart an electrostatic charge to theRead More …