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Powder Coating Equipment For Powder Production, Powder Application, Powder Coatings Test. Advancements in powder coating technology speed powder coating operations. This will continue to be adapted for more coating operations to increase their production capacities.Please contact us if you need other details about powder coating equipment.


How To Choose A Good Powder Coating Gun

powder coating gun

Powder coating electrostatic spray gun is mainly composed of powder supply bucket, powder spray gun and controller. It is a special spray gun for electrostatic spraying of powder coating powder, which is both a paint atomizer and an electrostatic electrode generator. Since its inception, powder coating has been widely used as an important means of surface treatment. Unlike traditional solvent-based coatings, powders do not emit polluting gases or liquids during the coating process. They are environmentally friendly to the processingRead More …

Electrostatic Oiler Applications of Liquid Electrostatic Spray

Electrostatic Oiler

Electrostatic Oiler is a successful example of the application of liquid electrostatic spray, it is a set of electromechanical and high-voltage electrostatic technology of high-tech products. It relies on the role of high-voltage electrostatic spray liquid anti-rust oil evenly on the surface of the metal plate (with) material can be widely used in the process of material production line of steel and non-ferrous metal plate (with), as well as other high quality oiled  Electrostatic Oiler work the droplet spray atomizationRead More …

Introduction of electrostatic spraying equipment

electrostatic spraying equipment

Electrostatic spraying equipment Dusting equipment electrostatic powder coating commonly known as “electrostatic spray”. The spray can be manual, automatic or manual + automatic. 100% of the spray material is a solid powder, the free powders can recycle the paint recycling rate up to 98%. Suspension of the transport system, a high degree of automation. The coated microporous less, good corrosion resistance, and can be a thick film. Electrostatic powder coating based on having an atomizing Tsui (the paint atomizing), andRead More …

Powder coating line matters MDF powder coating

Powder coating line matters MDF powder coating

Powder coating line have proven to be the most important factor in obtaining high quality MDF powder coatings. Unfortunately for small metal surface powder coating companies, it is not possible to get high quality MDF powder coatings in old metal powder coating lines The most important part of the powder coating line is the oven technology oven paint melting. In case of thermal curing powder chemical curing. The thing to keep in mind is the low thermal conductivity of MDF.Read More …

Tribostatic Charging oR Corona Charging Make Powder particles Charged

Tribostatic Charging

Tribostatic Charging oR Corona Charging Make Powder particles Charged Today, practically all powder coating powder are applied using an electrostatic spraying process. A common factor with all such processes is that the powder particles are electrically charged whilst the object requiring coating remains earthed. The resultant electrostatic attraction being adequate to allow the build-up of sufficient film of powder on the object, thus holding the dry powder in place until melting occurs with subsequent binding to the surface. Powder particlesRead More …

Impact Testing Process for Qualicoat Standard

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For Powder Poatings Only. The impact shall be carried out on the reverse side, whereas the results shall be assessed on the coated side. -Class 1 powder coatings (one- and two-coat), energy: 2.5 Nm: EN ISO 6272- 2 (indenter diameter: 15.9 mm) -Two-coat PVDF powder coatings, energy: 1.5 Nm: EN ISO 6272-1 or EN ISO 6272-2 / ASTM D 2794 (indenter diameter: 15.9 mm) -Class 2 and 3 powder coatings, energy: 2.5 Nm: EN ISO 6272-1 or EN ISO 6272-2Read More …

All Equipment for Powder Manufacture and Application and Coating Test

Equipment For Powder Manufacture -Mixing machine (Pre-mixing of raw material)-Extruder ( mixing of melted raw materials)-Crusher (Cooling and crushing the extruder’s output)-Grinder (Grinding, classifying, and controlling of the particles)-Vibration Sifting machine-Package machine Equipment for Powder Application Process : Pre-treatment – drying to remove water – spraying – Check – baking – check – Finished Sandblasting machine Pre-treatment equipment Conveyer line Powder suppling machine Electrostatic spraying line (Fluidized Bed.corona spraying gun,tribo gun ) Convection curing oven Powder recovery system Sifting system Packing machine Equipment for Powder Coatings Testing Impact tester Ageing-resistant machine Color Testing instrument Thickness meter Adhesion tester Cylindrical Mandrel tester Hardness tester Gloss meter Bending tester

Configuration of Powder Coating Application Equipment

powder coating application equipment

There are many ways to apply powder coating materials;and there are several powder coating application equipment for option. However, the material that is to be applied must be of a compatible type. For instance, if the method of application is fluidized bed. then the powder coating material must be a fluidized bed grade, Conversely, if the method of application is electrostatic spray, then the powder material must be an electrostatic spray grade. Once the material is correctly selected, then theRead More …

Powder Coating Equipment Advancements Increase Production Capacity

powder coating equipment

Powder Coating Equipment Improvements in powder coating materials have brought advancements in application and recovery equipment technology. They are aimed at reducing the cost of powder coating systems, making the powder coating operation more efficient, and expanding to new production requirements and part configurations. Overall material efficiency of a powder coating system commonly exceeds 95%. Equipment engineers have made considerable progress in improving first-pass transfer efficiency and in better part coverage to eliminate manual touch-up from automated systems. Improved sprayRead More …

Electrostatic Spraying Nozzle

Classification of electrostatic spraying nozzle

Classification of electrostatic spraying nozzle Electrostatic spraying can be divided into the way the air or hydraulic atomizing electrostatic spraying, centrifugal electrostatic spraying, etc.; Electrostatic spraying can be divided into the way the air or hydraulic atomizing electrostatic spraying, centrifugal electrostatic spraying, etc.; direct nozzle electrostatic spraying, electrostatic spray of Y-type nozzle target nozzle electrostatic spraying can be divided according to the different characteristics of the nozzle; in accordance with the paint can be divided into the different nature ofRead More …

Four Basic Pieces of Equipment for Electrostatic Spray Systems

Electrostatic Spray Systems

Most powder coating electrostatic spray systems are comprised of four basic pieces of equipment – the feed hopper, electrostatic powder spray gun, electrostatic power source, and powder recovery unit. A discussion of each piece, its interactions with other components, and the various styles available is necessary to understand the functional operation of this process. Powder is supplied to the spray gun from the powder feeder unit. Usually powder material stored in this unit is either fluidized or gravity-fed to aRead More …

New technologies for corona and tribo gun


Equipment manufacturers have tried many different guns and nozzles to optimize the coating process over the years. However, most new technologies are developed to meet the needs of specific market requirements. A corona gun technology that has been used in different forms is the grounding ring or sleeve. This grounding ring is usually located either inside or outside the gun at some distance from the electrode and opposite the product being coated. It can be located on the gun itselfRead More …

Differences Between Tribo and Corona


When evaluating the two type guns for a specific application, there are some fundamental items to take into consideration. The differences between tribo and corona guns are outlined in this Manner. Faradav Cage Effect: Probably the most common reason to consider tribo guns for an application is the ability of the tribo gun to coat products with a high degree of Faraday cage effect areas.(See diagram #4.) Examples of these areas are corners of boxes, fins of radiators, and supportRead More …

QUALICOAT Standard for Natural Weathering Test

Natural Weathering Test

Exposure in Florida according to ISO 2810 , The natural weathering test should start in April. Class 1 organic coatings Samples shall be exposed facing 5° south to the horizontal and facing toward the equator for 1 year. 4 test panels per colour shade are required (3 for weathering and 1 reference panel) Class 2 organic coatings Samples shall be exposed facing 5° south for 3 years with an annual evaluation. 10 test panels per colour shade are required (3 per yearRead More …

What is Powder Coating Line

powder coating spray both

Powder Coating Line – Powder coat line – Powder spray both – Spraying gun – Curing oven Spraying both A powder booth is an enclosure that is designed to contain the powder application process. A recovery system is attached to the powder booth shell. The recovery system uses a fan to pull air into the booth and prevent the oversprayed powder from migrating out of the enclosure. Spraying gun The spray gun is designed to impart an electrostatic charge to theRead More …

Electrostatic fluidized Beds for Powder Coatings


Electrostatic fluidized beds are especially applicable to continuous coating of sheets,wire screen and small simple configuration parts.The effective coating range is only 3-4inches over the bed and will not coat parts with deep recesses.Coatings range from 20-74um on relatively high speed lines. Electrostatic Fuidized Bed Advantages include:  High speed lines ;  Easily automated;  Acceptable to continuous length products Disadvantages include:  Coating area limited to 3-4inches above bed Restricted product flexibility; Best for 2 dimensional parts

What is Friction Charging (Tribostatic Charging)

Friction Charging

Friction Charging (Tribostatic Charging) which generates an electrostatic charge on the powder as it rubs against an insulator Powder particles are friction charged as a result of the motion caused by each particle rubbing rapidly against a special type of insulating material which lines the barrel of the spray gun Between the friction charging spray gun and the object, as the diagram illustrates, we have present primarily: With Tribostatic Charging, there exists no high voltage which can subsequently generate freeRead More …