The main advantages of NCS Natural Color System

NCS Natural Color System

Natural Color System ( NCS ) is the first choice for professionals engaged in sales, promotion and production in various industries.It is also the first choice for daily work of users such as designers, architects and teachers.

Universal color language

The colors described by the NCS system are consistent with those seen by our eyes and are not limited by language, materials, and culture. In the NCS system, we can define any surface color, and no matter what material is based on it, we can give accurate color numbers.

Therefore, each person can communicate clearly about colors and use the same color language in any color discussion. For example, when a salesperson needs to discuss colors or make color recommendations to clients, when designers or architects use NCS to communicate their selected colors to manufacturers, or when they express selected colors to their customers, they can Handy. As a universal language, NCS has become a recognized global standard.

Get color accuracy

NCS Color Quality Management passed ISO9001. NCS’ 1950 standard color samples are produced under the most precise control.

The pigment used for the color sample coating is different from the printing ink and uses a highly stable color-like coating to provide an accurate and stable color standard. Durable and stable NCS colors make buying NCS products more valuable. Because the color is often biased and the material is constantly changing, using NCS color is a way to keep up with these changes and ensure color reproduction.
Natural Color System NCS
In order to retain the correct reference colors for color reproduction, NCS checks the NCS base color standard every year to ensure that there are no color deviations. This makes NCS a stable platform for accurate color reproduction.

Color Analysis in Product Development

With the NCS natural color system, you can clearly see the color distribution in any color range.

By measuring and marking the position of different colors in the NCS color space, the distance between colors, the color aggregation area and the color range can be determined. At the same time, it is also possible to determine which colors are difficult to find suitable pigments, and to understand where the problems of high production costs can be solved. With the NCS system, colors can be defined in product lines or architectural city plans, or the range of colors that a company needs to use can be reduced and corresponding production costs can be reduced. The ability to provide analysis tools for future color choices is a key advantage of NCS.

NCS is also a resource that supports marketing and sales development. The NCS system can help improve existing color sets and develop new color sets. Using NCS’s carefully selected color range reduces time and costs, helps you get the target color gamut, and reduces the risk of incorrectly applying colors.

Product and brand color management

Consistency in visual appearance is an important business attribute of products and brands, so color management is very important. NCS is a color management platform that helps you manage colors from initial design, production, and color reproduction.
NCS has become the most commonly used color system in industrial color production, providing support for selecting color standards, communicating color requirements with manufacturers, producing colors, and controlling color results. Using NCS during development or design means avoiding unsatisfactory color results.

Color communication increases your profitability

For coatings and product manufacturers, NCS is a critical business development tool that can help them increase sales while saving costs and making color communication more effective.
NCS has started a method of communicating and promoting color sets in an accurate color language that everyone recognizes. From color development, production, marketing to sales, NCS can help you increase profits at every step of the color communication process.

With NCS, you can also improve the efficiency of internal and external color communication and reduce time costs. With NCS, retailers and salespeople can easily discuss colors with customers. With more in-depth knowledge of colors and the right tools, they can more easily recommend colors and collocations to customers.

Color design becomes easy

Choosing color concepts for products and product lines is the hardest part of color design work. NCS regular color matching is an effective way to make color design easier.
The NCS color space offers you many possibilities for generating color concepts based on hue, blackness, whiteness, chroma, or lightness properties, satisfying different requirements for color intensity, motion, fineness, vividness, and dimness.

Assign any color to a color number and put it in the NCS color space to observe and discuss the nuances of the color. Once you are familiar with mastering NCS, you can simply use NCS color numbers to create color concepts and color combinations. With deeper color knowledge and the right color tools, NCS can help you discuss with your customers more easily and find the right color in any color design project.

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