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What is the benefits of Coil Coatings

the benefits of Coil Coatings

Coil Coatings Benefits Organic coil coating products are widely used in all aspects, because of its fundamental benefits: ① economy: increase capacity and production, reduce production costs, energy consumption, product inventory and financial costs ② environmental protection: for environmental regulations, from product design to the regeneration of the entire cycle, the product can fit environmental requirements. ③ Art technology: the rich colors, different batches of consistent quality, you can get a variety of surface effects, process flexibility is good. FrequentlyRead More …

Coil coating is a continuous industrial process

Coil coating

Coil coating is a continuous industrial process in which multiple layers of organic film are applied and cured on a moving metal strip. The paints used are liquid (solvent-based) and are generally composed of polyesters with acid- or hydroxy- endgroups able to crosslink with melamines or isocyanates to form a complete network with film properties that are tailored to the final application of the coated metal panel (building products, beverage cans, domestic appliances, etc.). The total film thickness is aroundRead More …