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Coil powder coating technology progress

coil powder coating

Pre-coated coil can be used in building internal and external wall panels, and there are broad prospects in the appliance, automotive, metal furniture and other industries. From the 1980s, China began to introduce and absorb foreign technology, especially in recent years due to the building materials market and the automotive electronics market costs and environmental requirements,a large number of domestic coil powder coating production line launched The powder coating is known for its high efficiency and environmental protection,China has becomeRead More …

What is the steps of steel coil coating process

steel coil coating

These are the basic steps of the steel coil coating process UNCOILER After visual inspection,moves the coil to the uncoiler whereby the steel is placed on a pay-off arbor for unwinding. JOINING The beginning of the next coil mechanically join to the end of the previous coil,this allows for the continuous feed of the coil coating line. This makes each edge of the joint area become the “tongue” or “tail” of the finished coated steel coil. ENTRY TOWER The entryRead More …

Coil coating is a continuous industrial process

Coil coating

Coil coating is a continuous industrial process in which multiple layers of organic film are applied and cured on a moving metal strip. The paints used are liquid (solvent-based) and are generally composed of polyesters with acid- or hydroxy- endgroups able to crosslink with melamines or isocyanates to form a complete network with film properties that are tailored to the final application of the coated metal panel (building products, beverage cans, domestic appliances, etc.). The total film thickness is aroundRead More …