What is the benefits of Coil Coatings

the benefits of Coil Coatings

Coil Coatings Benefits

Organic coil coating products are widely used in all aspects, because of its fundamental benefits:
① economy: increase capacity and production, reduce production costs, energy consumption, product inventory and financial costs
② environmental protection: for environmental regulations, from product design to the regeneration of the entire cycle, the product can fit environmental requirements.
③ Art technology: the rich colors, different batches of consistent quality, you can get a variety of surface effects, process flexibility is good.

Frequently Asked Questions In Coil Coatings Process

  • Surface Quality:

Such as bubbles, orange peel, cratering, stripes, contamination, drawing, ribbons, missing paint, pressure spots,etc.
Mainly related to the construction, coating process and the surrounding environment.

  • Film Performance Problems:

Such as hardness, flexibility, adhesion, curability, color, luster,etc.
Mainly related to the paint curing, pretreatment and other factors.

Common Types of Coil Coatings:

Caigang paint is known as coil coating or pre-coated (or pre-bake) coatings.
General metal products are later coated metal substrate molding mat, and some are first continuous metal coil coating, high temperature dried and then rolled, and finally press molded into a variety of products need to be processed. These coils can be steel (including galvanized, galvanized aluminum, etc.) and aluminum, which is used in paint Color paint.

Common Types of Caigang Paint:

Paint is made of resin, pigments, solvents, additives (adjuvants) four kinds of raw materials, of which the resin Color paint performance play a decisive role, accordingly, can be divided into the following types:

  • Polyesters

Flexibility, adhesion and mold ability, inexpensive varieties, color, luster selective large, is the most important finish, widely used in interior and exterior building materials, home appliances, and transportation;

  • Polyvinylidene fluoride based

Various properties were excellent, especially the outstanding weather resistance, especially durable, but expensive, used for facades, also applies to polluted areas;

  • Polyvinyl fluoride type

As a thermoplastic coating, coating thickness, toughness, formability good, especially resistant, can be used for embossing, it is widely used in serious pollution of the environment, such as ships, tanks and smokestacks and the like;

  • Silicone modified polyesters

Light, heat resistance, high hardness and durability, but flexibility, adhesion and moldability relatively polyesters poor, the price is higher than the polyester type, used for facades;

  • Epoxy resins

Has good adhesion and corrosion resistance, is generally used as a primer;Others such as modified alkyd resins, acrylic resins and polyurethanes have a certain purpose.

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