Powder Coating Hazard

What are  the powder coating hazard?

What are  the powder coating hazard?

Most powder coating resins are less toxic and hazard, and the curing agent is significantly more toxic than the resin. However, when formulated into a powder coating, the toxicity of the curing agent becomes very small or almost non-toxic. Animal experiments have shown that there is no death and injury symptoms after inhalation of the powder coating, but there are different degrees of irritation to the eyes and skin.

Although general powder coatings have no obvious harm to the human body, they may cause some irritation and allergies after being attached to human skin, eyes and respiratory tract.

Production practices over the years have shown that triglycidyl methacrylate (TGIC) has a significant stimulating effect on the skin and a mutated biomass in moist conditions.

According to European research, TGIC is confirmed to be a toxic substance, and the mark of the dangerous product is indicated on the mark of the product. The amount used in the powder coating has been greatly reduced, and a considerable part has been replaced with a curing agent such as hydroxyalkylamide.

In China, we have gradually recognized the toxicity hazard of TGIC, and advocated the use of non-toxic hydroxyalkyl acylating agents, and its dosage is also increasing, but the heat resistance and thick coating properties of powder coatings are formulated with this curing agent. There are still some problems, and people accept it at a slower speed. I believe that the country will pay more attention to environmental protection work in the future.

Powder coating hazard is obvious, very harmful to the human body. Why does the country not stop producing powder coatings? Because now all industries are inseparable from this powder coating.

Although powder coatings have no obvious toxicity, inhalation of the trachea and lungs is still harmful to the human body. If excessive absorption can cause silicon deposition (formerly known as silicosis), the following problems should be noted in the production and coating of powder coatings:

  1. In the powder coating production and painting workshop, the construction site should be kept clean frequently to prevent the dust leakage of the equipment and the dust in the workshop, and to have good ventilation; in the equipment and parts that are prone to dust, it should cause negative pressure conditions, preferably Install a special dust removal device and turn on the dust removal equipment when necessary.
  2. Wear protective gloves, work caps, overalls and dust masks during working hours to prevent the powder coating from adhering to the skin and into the respiratory tract.
  3. When the production task is over, blow off the dust adsorbed on the body in time, and wash off the dust on the face and hands in time.
  4. In the conditional unit, after the employee leaves work, he must wash his face, wash his hair, take a bath, change his overalls, and avoid bringing dust out of the workshop, causing unnecessary pollution.

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