Definitions for corrosion classification

Natural Weathering Test

As an aid in finding what requirements should be made for pre-treatment, we can define different corrosion classification:

Corrosion Class 0

  • Indoors with relative humidity over 60%
  • Very little corrosion risk (aggressivity)


  • Indoors in non-heated, well ventilated room
  • Little corrosion risk (aggressivity)

Corrosion Class 2

  • Indoors with fluctuating temperature and humidity. Outdoors in inland climates, far from sea and industry.
  • Medium corrosion risk (aggressivity)


  • In densely populated areas or near industrial areas. Above open water near the coast.
  • Large corrosion risk (aggressivity)

Corrosion Class 4

  • Constant, high humidity. Near industry which manufactures or utilizes chemicals.
  • Very large corrosion risk (aggressivity)


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