How to reduce the amount of pearl pigments


How to reduce the amount of pearl pigments

If so , the less the amount of pearl pigments , ink costs will be lower , it will be powered by the larger pearl ink , but is there a good way to pearlescent pigments ink usage drop down? The answer is yes . Reduce the amount of the pearlescent pigment , so the fact is mainly oriented parallel to the flaky pearl pigments to achieve if the flaky pearl pigment can be uniformly arranged in parallel to the surface of the ink , the ink layer an intermediate layer or bottom layer of pigment particles , if not , it will not affect the pearlescent effect because the light is flaky particles on the surface of the closure , in the bottom of the pigment particles is not light , it can not be reflected or refracted light, little effect on the pearl luster . The following begins to realize all aspects of flaky pearl pigment ink evenly on the surface , and ultimately reduce the amount of pearlescent pigments .

Pearl ink preparation process

Pearl pigments ink largely depends on the quality of the sheet-like resin carrier pigment wetting , dispersibility and the degree of parallel alignment of the ink film . The former is determined by the structure and properties of the resin itself chosen the decision, which will have to rely on the design of ink formulations and printing process to achieve proper implementation . Resin support is based on the formulation design and the printing process is critical . Ink should preferably have a low solids content , for not too much amount of the pearlescent pigment , the pigment too easy because dense , irregular state will easily arranged poor , and the printing ink in the ink drying process layer volume should be greater shrinkage force , and the sheet-like particles using the contraction force of gravity itself , the sheet-like mica pearlescent pigment titanium compression , it tends to be parallel with this paste , paint , ink, specific gravity, viscosity and many other factors are closely related. The more flake pigments are arranged parallel to the substrate , the pearlescent pigments better. Adding a quantity of ink to a polyethylene wax dispersion performance can be improved by orientation .

Pearl pigments flakes path selection

Flaky paint choices, should have a good relationship between flake size and flash effect : the larger the diameter sheet , the distance between the flash source ( film and sheet spacing ) on the greater the dispersion of flash effects. This is because the larger diameter piece , surface subjected to multiple reflection of light , the more chance of refraction , so the flash intensity is strong ; If the diameter of the small pieces , flash source spacing is small , the flash effect will concentrate , repeated reflection, refraction fewer opportunities , flash intensity becomes weak . In addition to the relationship between the sheet size and the diameter of the light , but also the pigment in the ink state , generally flake diameter smaller, more easily flocculated settling in the linked compound easily ; smaller aspect ratio of the particles , the more easily the feed link in suspension .

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