Acrylic hybrids combine the acrylic resin with an epoxy binder.

They are somewhat better than a epoxy-polyester / hybrid but still not considered acceptable for outdoor use. The mechanical properties that are characteristic in epoxies are a benefit of these materials and they have much better flexibility than other acrylics.

Because of their good appearance, tough surface, exceptional weatherability, and excellent electrostatic application characteristics, acrylics are frequently used for applications on products that have very high quality standards.

Appliances, automobiles and other products that require durability and long life in a harsh environment are good candidates for acrylic powder coating powder. Typical applications include automotive wheels, plumbing fixtures and vending machines.

Research has been conducted to determine the suitability of acrylic powder coating as a clear topcoat on automotive bodies. While the United States automobile manufacturers continue to evaluate this application, one European manufacturer is using it in production.

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