Suitable temperature for Waterproof coating

Waterproof coating

Waterproof coating selection characteristics of the solution, nano-ceramic hollow particles, silica alumina fibers, all kinds of reflective material as the main raw material, thermal conductivity only 0.03W/mK, can effectively suppress shielded infrared heat radiation and heat conduction.

In the hot summer, at a temperature of more than 40 ℃, it would be inappropriate to do waterproof, for the following reasons:

  1. queous or solvent-based waterproof coating construction under high temperature conditions will rapidly thickens, cause priming difficulties, affect the construction quality; addition, in the film-forming process, the high temperature caused by the coating surface moisture or rapid evaporation of the solvent, while the bottom water or solvent in the paint is not sufficiently volatile, filming but difficult. In the case of undesirable deposition continue construction, the moisture embedded in the coating, the occurrence of blistering, delamination, while the coating film is easy to produce shrinkage cracks.
  2. the reactive coating is the two components react chemically cured high temperature reaction speed, the curing time is short, construction operable time, the operation of the construction very difficult, increasing the possibility for construction quality problems.
  3. mortar, waterproofing agent in the process of forming the waterproof layer, if the temperature is too high, the cement in the process of hydration water molecules volatilized too fast, it can not be fully hydrated, curing is not complete waterproof layer, the results appear from the sand off powder , from the skin and other problems.
  4. hot climate conditions construction workers prone to the phenomenon of fatigue, dehydration, heat stroke, severe to endanger the safety of the lives and health of workers.

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