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Sublimation Transfer Process

Sublimation Transfer Process

In order to apply the Sublimation Transfer Process , the following equipment and materials are required . A Special transfer equipment A Special sublimation powder coating powder to be sprayed and cured in a Coating Unit. Heat Transfer Paper or Film ( paper or plastic film carrying the desired effect printed with special sublimation inks. Working Process 1.Coating process: Using a sublimation powder coating,coating process in a standard coating unit consists of three different steps: pretreatment ,spraying powder,curing.The coating layerRead More …

Hot Press Transfer VS Sublimation Transfer

Hot press transfer

Classification of thermal transfer From the point of ink type,there are hot press transfer printing and sublimation transfer ; from the point of transferred object there are fabric, plastic (plates , sheets, film ) , ceramic and metal coating plates , etc. ; from the  printing process,there can be divided into categories classification from the substrate thermal transfer paper and plastic film ; screen printing , lithographic , gravure, letterpress , inkjet and ribbon printing. The following highlights the hotRead More …