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The formulation Design Research of Electrically Conductive Putty

Electrically Conductive Putty

Traditional methods of corrosion protection for metals are: plating, powder paints and liquid paints.The performance of the coatings sprayed by all kinds of coatings,as well as different spraying methods vary, but in general, compared to liquid paint coatings, and plating coating, powder coatings give a dense structure with coating thickness (0.02-3.0mm), good shielding effect for various media, this is the reason of powder coated substrate gives longer life expectancy.Powder coatings,in the process,present with great variety,high efficiency,low cost,easy to operate,no pollutionRead More …

The use of epoxy electrically conductive putty

conductive putty

Conductive putty Intended Uses Used to repair and fill up the floor surface before painting with antistatic finish in order to provide smooth conductive surface for next coat. Product Information conductive putty can be applied by doctor blade. Thick film may be obtained. After drying, no contraction or crack takes place to the film. Easy to be applied.The film possesses good adhesion, high strength, and small electric resistance. Its apperance is smooth. Application details Volume Solids:90%Color:BlackDry Flm Thickness: Depending onRead More …