Some Points to Know the Quality of The Powder Coating Powders

epoxy powder coating powder

Exterior Appearance Identification:

1. Hand Feel:

Should feel silky smooth,loose, floating, the more smooth loose of the powder, the better of the quality, on the contrary, powder feel rough and heavy, poor quality, not Easy spraying, powder falling twice more wastage.


The larger of the volume, the less filler of the powder coatings, the higher of the cost, the better the quality of the coating powders. On the contrary , the smaller of the volume, the higher content of the filler in the powder coatings, the poorer quality of the powder with lower cost. With the same packing, the larger volume of the powder means the better quality of the powder, the smaller volume means the poor quality,difficulty to spraying with powder falling more waste.

3.Storage time:

Good coating powders can be stored for a long time,with the same leveling and other properties. The powder with poor quality can not be stored for long time, even after three months,the leveling property and other performance would be changed. At room temperature ,normal quality powder shelf life is up to 12 months, the low quality powder with poor quality raw materials, is unstable, perishable.

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