What Is Powder Coatings Manufacturing Process

What Is Powder Coatings Manufacturing Process

Powder Coatings Manufacturing Process

The process of powder coatings production includes the following steps:

  • Distribution of raw material
  • Pre-mixing of raw material
  • Extrusion (mixing of melted raw materials)
  • Cooling and crushing the extruder’s output
  • Grinding , classifying, and controlling of the particles
  • Packaging

Pre-mixing of raw materials

In this step, the distributed raw materials of each production unit will be mixed based on the guidelines and formulization of research and development unit in order to have a homogeneous mixture under specific time conditions.


The homogeneous mixture of raw materials will be melted and mixed in the extruder machine under the pressure of spiral driver and temperature of electric bars. Then , the homogeneous melted mixture will come out of the extruder while controlling the temperature of different parts of the extruder .

The cooling belt

The melted mixture will be poured on the cooling rollers at the temperatures between 7 C and 10 C ,formed as sheets ,carried toward the crusher through the cooling belt, and finally ,changed into chips and prepared for grinding .

Grinding and sifting

The produced chips at the end of cooling belt will be transferred into a mill with a pin disk. The controlling and size measuring of the ground particles will be conducted by a classifier ; the size of output particles of the mill will be measured through checking the speed of the classifier,the speed of mill’s router and remaining of the chips inside the mill, and controlling the air volume and the temperature of the conveyer of ground powders. Based on their sizer, the output powders of the classifier and the mill will be categorized into three parts:

The part of very small particles ,smaller than 10 micron , will be separated in the silicone and transferred into a container of small particles and dusts ; the remaining particles will be transferred into a sieve located at the bottom of the silicone.The ultimate product will be packaged based on the size of the net ; the net separates the inadequate and big particles.

Finally , those big particles will be sent back into the mill once again through a channel devised near the sieve . In the process of coatings circulation , an additive will be added to the coating during its grinding in the mill .

Quality control unit

The quality control unit, founded to control the quality of products ,takes out soome samples during various stages of production , such as coating;chips, coatings,and coating powders , and runs various experiments using modern laboratory equipments to control the expected technical features and ensure the quality of output products.

Powder Coatings Manufacturing Process

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