What Is The Film Hardness

film hardness

The hardness of the powder paint film refers to the resistance of the paint film after drying has a solid, i.e. the film surface the role another on the greater hardness of the material performance.
This resistance exhibited by the film can be provided by a certain weight of the load acts on the relatively small contact area, by measuring the ability of the film antideformation manifested, so the film hardness is a view showing one of the important properties of the film mechanical strength. Film hardness can reduce the degree of friction or collision damage.

Film hardness is one of the important properties that express the mechanical strength of the paint film. Its physical meaning can be understood as the resistance of the paint film surface to another object with greater hardness acting on it.

It can be determined by measuring the ability of the coating film to resist deformation when it bears a certain mass load on a small contact surface (including deformation ability caused by collision, depression or scratching, etc.).

The testing instruments used are pendulum damping hardness tester, scratch hardness tester, indentation hardness tester, etc.

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