Characteristics of the electrostatic spraying

Electrostatic spraying process

Generally speaking, where does not occur at 200 ℃ deformation, enables the charged powder particles are adsorbed on the surface to be painted, the surface coating can be by electrostatic powder spraying. Therefore, electrostatic powder coating spraying technology can be widely used instruments, household appliances, mechanical and electrical equipment, automobile and shipbuilding, light industry equipment, furniture, machinery and building materials, and other metal parts of the surface protection and decorative painting. View from currently used in spray technology, electrostatic powder spraying has its unique advantages in the industrial coatings.

  1. powder coating solids coatings, solvents, less volatile, greatly reducing the pollution problems caused by the solvent, is conducive to environmental protection and operation of the health of the workers.
  2. Recovery system, in the spraying process, the excess dusting can take advantage of centralized collection, to achieve the purpose of recycling, powder utilization is very high, so that the production cost reductions, better economic benefits.
  3. coating process just after pre-treatment, spraying, curing processes, simplifying the traditional means of multi-step spray line efficiency of spraying operations, either manual or automatic operation are more convenient.
  4. after the electrostatic powder spraying, after baking, can be obtained a coating film having excellent surface properties. The coating is durable, able to acid, alkali, and at the same time has a high abrasion resistance, impact resistance, mechanical strength.

However, due to the electrostatic powder spraying is in a period of development, so inevitably there are some disadvantages, such as exists after coating after spraying impurities, shrinkage, chromatic aberration, and poor adhesion, these are the future should be emphasized to solve the problems.

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