What is Benefits of UV Powder Coating on Wood

UV Powder Coating on Wood

What is Benefits of UV Powder Coating on Wood

UV powder coating technology offers a fast, clean and economic attractive method to achieve high-quality finishes on wood-based substrates.
The coating process consists of the following steps:

  1. First the article is hung or placed onto a conveyor belt and the powder is sprayed electrostatically onto the object.
  2. Then the coated object enters the oven (temperatures of 90-140 degC are sufficient) where the powder melts and flows together to form a film. This step takes 30-150 seconds, depending on the desired finish.
  3. The molten film is finally cured in a few seconds by irradiating with UV light.

Using this new concept results in a combination of interesting benefits.Attractive finishes can be achieved in only one layer reducing the number of manipulations (coating/ sanding steps) and allowing high productivity.
The method is applicable to flat, profiled or shaped substrates (MDF) resulting in increased design possibilities.Almost no VOCs and waste are generated during the process.High-quality finishes in terms of chemical resistance and surface hardness are achievable.

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