The application of powder coating for wood furniture is developing rapidly


Powder coating has long been applied to metal substrates. In recent years through the industry’s continuous efforts to reduce the curing temperature, improve spraying technology, Powder coatings have been applied in MDF and other wood.

Powder spraying can make the industrial application of wood products to minimize water loss and size changes, while the coating can achieve a higher gloss and bright color effect, meanwhile in the state of the more stringent VOC restrictions on the situation, provides a substitute for solvent-based coatings solution.

Formaldehyde and benzene substances have become an important source of indoor decoration pollution, the use of powder coatings can effectively reduce this type of pollution. Formaldehyde mainly comes from the adhesive of compound wood, because this kind of man-made plank is made by many wood fiber, sawdust. The traditional adhesive used in our country is the urine aldehyde fat gum, which is made up of urea and formaldehyde, and the Morbillo of formaldehyde is more than urea. Therefore, after using the air will appear free State of formaldehyde, emitting out will pollute the indoor air. The powder coating can effectively seal the plate and prevent the formaldehyde from evaporating into the air.

Benzene system material mainly comes from paint, Powder coating does not use solvents, and after curing no longer produce any organic volatile matter, this can be used to solve the pollution of organic volatile matter from the source.
Wear-resisting, scratch-resistant and other functional powder coatings have been developed and put into use.
For furniture cabinets and general decoration market, Powder coating can cure at the conditions of 120 C with 3min ,under the premise of guarantee the quality of the coating . In addition, UV-curable powder coatings also have business opportunities.

Domestic market such as trillion health, Lai Tai, East Technology, Boloni, Orin and other furniture manufacturers have introduced powder coating wooden furniture, Compared with the traditional painting,powder coating has advantages in regards with cost,delivery cycle, and from the source it solves the VOC emissions problem, achieve “zero emissions” in the process of application , also bring a more secure, cleaner production environment.

For consumers, the most intuitive feeling is that there is no irritant odor, and this brings a more healthy and comfortable experience.

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