What is ABS plastic coating

ABS plastic coating

ABS plastic coating

ABS plastic Department of butadiene – acrylonitrile – styrene terpolymer, widely used in the production of home appliances products, housing and automobile and motorcycle parts. Ketone, benzene and ester solvent capable of dissolving ABS plastic, alcohol and hydrocarbon solvent dissolution of ABS plastic, so the general use of ethanol – isopropanol solvent for surface treatment, usually air spraying or electrostatic spraying process for construction .

ABS plastic coating paints a wide range of options-based thermoplastic acrylic coatings, epoxy alkyd nitrocellulose, metallic paint.

ABS plastic coatings process is generally as follows: alcohols or hydrocarbon solvent degreasing → In addition to static → Tu acrylic primer → 40 ° C bake 30min → coated acrylic finish → 55 ℃ bake 15min.

Low foam ABS plastic can be used as a substitute for wood to make up two slurry surface of the micropores and other defects, polished smooth, and then cover such as polyurethane topcoat.

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